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The Universe’s message today

This message comes from

Ramona, the top 10 signs a really huge dream of yours is about to come true, are:

10. You regularly visualize the end result, the after-party, or beyond.
9. Every day you “show up,” doing something about it.
8. You’re not attached to how it will come true.
7. It really matters to you; you really care.
6. You know who the first 3 people are that you’ll call with the news.
5. You’re smiling and winking way more than normal.
4. Sometimes you speak and behave as if it already has.
3. It probably doesn’t depend upon specific people.
2. You already know what your next goal is.
1. You keep whispering, “Sweet! Thank you! Yes!” with clutched fist.

Sweet! Thank you! Yes!
The Universe

Did you just smile and wink, Ramona? Good, keep on it.

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No one knows why

Earlier this year I got a traffic ticket for an illegal left turn, and to my surprise it was one hundred sixty four dollars. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t had a traffic ticket in 15 years or so and it was definitely sticker shock, or should I say ticket shock.

I decided to fight the ticket because I felt that the sign warning the driver not to turn left was out of the field of vision. Of course that also gives you an additional 90 days to pay for the ticket if you are found guilty. In my experience the officer who writes the ticket may not show up, in which case the ticket is dropped since the state is not there to prove their case.

Needless to say, the judge thanked me for bringing in the picture of the sign which proved the state’s case. Once that was settled I asked the judge to assign me to community service in lieu of dollars. He agreed and gave me 22 hours of community service.

It took a few phone calls, but I finally landed a volunteer position with Meals on Wheels. The work was tedious at best, but the staff was fun and very appreciative of hard workers like me. I wondered some mornings, why in hell didn’t I just pay for the ticket? Then I remembered that I would rather give to my community than to the government. It only took me about four mornings to accumulate the hours required to get out of the traffic ticket.

A few months ago my sister called me to ask about my community service. A co-worker of hers had gotten into some legal trouble and needed to serve community service. I gave her the information, but she was not able to resolve it. I personally called the North Carolina Meals on Wheels to get the information for her.

My sister’s co-worker went and had the same experience that I did. I found a great team that believed in having fun at work. The co-worker had a brother that was unemployed long term. She encouraged her brother to join her as a volunteer at Meals on Wheels just to pass the time and have a little fun. He did.

It turned out that he kept going back. He was offered a job to drive one of the vans for them with a starting pay of $12.50 an hour. Then Meals on Wheels sent him for six days training for CDL licensing. Now he drives for Meals on Wheels for $25 an hour.

I never wonder why things happen. I know that there is meaning. I had no business trying to get out of traffic ticket. I could have paid for it, but I was resistant as to how I would pay. The result of my decision had an effect 600 miles away. A needy family found their way out of a financial struggle as a direct result of my spending 4 days doing something I would not have otherwise done.

So it is easy to say that no one knows why.
What I do know is that we are all connected. I wanted to help my community and it spread all the way to North Carolina. That is just one of the effects that I am aware of. There are so many effects that I don’t know about, but never the less, happen.

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What if I died, and don’t know it?

Is it possible that we can die and not know it? The movie “The sixth sense” offered great insight on the subject of what happens to us after death. “Ghost” was another movie that suggests that if we have unresolved issues here on earth, that it can keep our souls glued to earth. In “What dreams may come” there was a similar scenario of death and what we think of it.

In 2007 I had a head on collision with a semi truck which was fully loaded. That was 33,000 lbs of force that went through my Ford Focus. It was not my first near death experience, but it was the first in a very long time.

Miraculously I not only survived the impact, but I walked away with little injury, except to my psyche. I was out of work for about six months, my girlfriend at the time left me because I couldn’t support the household by myself anymore, and I had to move in with my parents for a couple of months while I healed through physical therapy. My daughter was studying in Spain and so contact with her was minimal at best.

This was the first time in my life that I actually questioned the fact of whether I was alive or dead.

What proof do we have that we are actually alive?

I convinced myself for a period of time that I had died in that accident. I used my reality to prove over and over that I was dead, but stuck here on earth.

The first piece of evidence was that I could not talk to my daughter. I was convinced that the inability to communicate with her was that I had crossed to the other side where communication could not exist with the living any longer.

Then when my girlfriend left me, and we quit talking to one another, again I felt that losing touch was due to my death. Why else would she have gone so far away?

Living with my parents was a great piece of evidence because I would never had done that in my living years. I thought that I was hanging on to my parents because I wanted to protect them. I also felt a lack of resolve in our relationship, and so I went with the theory that I was trying to reach them from the other side.

My lack of visibility or the fact that I felt invisible was the biggest nugget of evidence that I had passed. By invisible I mean that I would call people and they wouldn’t return my calls. I walked around as though I was invisible. I convinced myself that I was dead, and that I was just walking around the earth, hanging on to my parents because I was a lost soul.

The day came when I realized that I was alive. I wasn’t totally convinced until my daughter returned from Spain, and I got to physically touch her. I went back to work and that made me feel more alive. It was when I returned to Orlando and put my life back together as I knew it, that convinced me that I was very much alive. Since then I find myself constantly proving to myself that I am indeed alive.

There are days when I can’t get a response from anyone, and that takes me back to this sick and morbid theory that perhaps I am not alive. This is probably not the best mental exercise to play with your psyche, but it does force me to prove my validity of life.

What about you? What evidence do you have that you are alive?

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What I hope to achieve at age 37

By Maria Ros

Written June 6, 2000

Age 15

My daughter Maria was in high school when she wrote this. I can’t recall why I had handed this assignment to her, but it was probably due to issues she was having in school. I was 37 at the time and I asked her to write an essay on what she had hoped to accomplish by my age. This is what she wrote.

What I hope to achieve at age 37…

By this age I hope to have graduated High School, and have graduated from a 4 year college. I hope that I attend an out of state college. At college I hope I find the occupation that best fits me, and that I’ll enjoy doing for the majority of my life.

Knowing myself, and knowing that I am a pretty indecisive person, I will probably experiment with many different occupations before I find the right one.

Another important thing I would like to achieve is to find my soul mate. I hope that by your age I will find the person that I want to share the rest of my life with. I might even want to have kids, but probably not.

When I am 37 I hope I still keep in touch with my two best friends, Natalie Jones and Daniel Watkins. I also hope that I have a close relationship with you and Carmelina. That is very important to me.

At your age I hope to make enough money to keep me happy. I want to look forward to go to work. My work will be a big part of my life, so I would like it to be something I find extremely enjoyable.

Finally, when I am 37, I want to look back and think to myself…

…“Wow, I have come a long way, I have learned a lot, and I am so happy with the way my life has worked out.”
I have a strong faith that I will go far in life, and be happy.”


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What about love?

After reading “ A different kind of love” by Veronique Corbett my life began to change. I became more focused on the love and less on the judgement that I placed on everything and everyone. How can one book have such and impact? I think that the simplicity of the message made it so much more palatable to me. This particular book has a powerful message that I believe opens you up to love.
Veronique has given me the opportunity to dip into her second work “The choice is mine.” This work goes further in removing any excuses for being a victim. It lays the sole responsibility in your lap for what shows up in your life.
In my book “Hardwired,” I describe from an early age and in the voice of a twelve year old what love meant to me. At first I thought love was strictly romantic. I had no concept of a love other than the one shared in the intimate moments between lovers. While I was never a sex addict, I was addicted to relationships. I needed to have “love” all the time. I was self destructive without it.
In the eighties I began to hear of “Agape,” which really blew my mind. I didn’t get it. While I tried to grasp it, I just didn’t have the ability to break the “hard-wiring” of what I believed love to be. In the nineties I sought after truth with names such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and Wayne Dyer. They also spoke of love as the powerful force that can move the mountains of our life, but once again, I couldn’t get quiet enough to digest it.
Now I stumble into this writer’s life and the message is in neon.
Since understanding this message better, and I say that because this is only the beginning of a journey that I have longed for. I realize that every day I experience something new that reinforces the fact that love is a choice. It is an active choice that clears the obstacles that have long clouded my mind, delusions such as lack, mistrust, control, and the meaning of success.
This week I see that working through life without love, instead of with love is like working through life with one arm, instead of all your limbs. Without love we are disabled. Without love we are lost. Without love we are the most vulnerable that we can be.
So what of this thing called love? Well it is only the most powerful tool in the box. Love allows us to forgive one another. Actually forgiveness is a moot point because in love there is no blame, therefore the choice is mine whether to continue to love or begin to blame.
To quote Veronique from “The choice is mine”:
“I will know and trust that what is good
for me is good for someone else.
We are one.”

This is the line that illuminates the very idea that however much we would like to judge, punish and retaliate against someone who is harming others, they are harming themselves at a greater level. We should have compassion when we see this because the so called “harmful” people are so much more harmful to themselves than they are to anyone.
There is an African tribe that has a long tradition when a woman is about to birth. Before the birth all the women of the tribe get together and compose a song for the baby. That song is unique to that particular member of the tribe. The song is sung at birth, at birthdays, coming of age rituals, marriage and death. That is their song that was composed with love.
If you are caught committing a crime against another member of the tribe, the entire tribe surrounds the one who committed the crime…
… and the tribe sings their song to them. This member who committed the error quickly breaks down because he/she cannot stand to be loved when they have wronged another.
In the history of this tradition, no one has committed a crime.
That is the power of love.
Imagine what this could do for our penal system.
Just imagine.

You can visit Veronique @

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Love, Love, Love

I just know it’s going to be a year of love.

Message from the Universe July 5, 2012 from

Do you know why, Ramona, it’s so easy for us in the unseen to quickly pinpoint your whereabouts?

You leave behind footprints of love.

The Universe

“The expedition’s last confirmed sighting was in orlando, the legend of BIGFOOT continues.”

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