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The Caregiver Wish List

History has markers that breaks up time by historical events. An example would be the most commonly known, BC and AD.

Most of us don’t use those particular markers of time on a daily basis and so we all have our own markers that we use to carve out chunks of time in life in which change came, growth was inspired and it all became part of our personal collection of memories that make up our lives.

I think it starts in college. There is BC, Before College and AD, After Degree.
Before marriage and after marriage.
Before children and after children.
Before retirement and then…AD.

Today I present BC, Before Caregiving.

I know a few people that are caregivers, who are also privy to the term of before and after caregiving. They, like myself have a marker that carves out the time in their experience here as a caregiver. Much like the other markers that we utilize to separate portions of our lives along with big events that change us.

I have so far carved out 4 years of my life as a caregiver. Everyone can agree on the major adjustments that take place when you sign up for this role. I want to show how some of the simplest things can be absent in the life of a caregiver. Nevertheless, very appreciated.

So I thought about a wish list for myself that could expose just how the simplest of desires can be so important.

#1. Sleep naked.

#2. Take a shower without a cell phone.

#3. Fall asleep on the couch for as long as I want.

#4. Travel outside the coverage area.
I’m not referring to my cell phone. Any caregiver knows the coverage area to be a radius around the house that you can reach that is within 10 minutes from the house should you get a call to return.

#5. Wake up to a pot of coffee ready for me to drink.

#6. Take my time shopping.
When I go to the store, whether I’m looking for a pair of shoes for myself or something I need for the kitchen, I run in, pick something that works quick and run home. I would love to stroll through a store and really touch, feel and experience my purchase.

#7. Make plans for leisure with the assurance that nothing will change it.

#8. Turn the music on full blast anytime I want,  and dance.

#9. Sleep in.

#10. Cry when I feel like it.

When I am done with this mission be aware that I may be spending time doing these very things before I take on the next project of my life, ME.

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