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What I hope to achieve at age 37

By Maria Ros

Written June 6, 2000

Age 15

My daughter Maria was in high school when she wrote this. I can’t recall why I had handed this assignment to her, but it was probably due to issues she was having in school. I was 37 at the time and I asked her to write an essay on what she had hoped to accomplish by my age. This is what she wrote.

What I hope to achieve at age 37…

By this age I hope to have graduated High School, and have graduated from a 4 year college. I hope that I attend an out of state college. At college I hope I find the occupation that best fits me, and that I’ll enjoy doing for the majority of my life.

Knowing myself, and knowing that I am a pretty indecisive person, I will probably experiment with many different occupations before I find the right one.

Another important thing I would like to achieve is to find my soul mate. I hope that by your age I will find the person that I want to share the rest of my life with. I might even want to have kids, but probably not.

When I am 37 I hope I still keep in touch with my two best friends, Natalie Jones and Daniel Watkins. I also hope that I have a close relationship with you and Carmelina. That is very important to me.

At your age I hope to make enough money to keep me happy. I want to look forward to go to work. My work will be a big part of my life, so I would like it to be something I find extremely enjoyable.

Finally, when I am 37, I want to look back and think to myself…

…“Wow, I have come a long way, I have learned a lot, and I am so happy with the way my life has worked out.”
I have a strong faith that I will go far in life, and be happy.”


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