The death of Beth

21 May

I never wanted to publish this poem because:
a.) I ‘m not a fan of poetry
b.) therefore, I hate to write it.

The thing is that I met a poet named Beth. She could recite poetry at the drop of a word. She read poetry, she wrote poetry and she made sure everyone knew it.
We were good friends until one day we weren’t anymore. She loved women. She loved many. She always had a woman in her bed. Then one day she ran out of women and she turned to me. I wasn’t interested, at least not in that. She retaliated harshly. I let it be. About two years ago I got extremely drunk and I started thinking about Beth. How she tortured me for three days, filling my voice mail and text space with the sound of her retaliation. How she kept my valuables. Things that she knew I valued because they were gifts from people that I loved. I grabbed a pen and began to write a poem about her. It was appropriate. I hated poems and at that moment, I hated Beth too. This is what came of the combination of alcohol, poetry and resentment.

The Death Of Beth

I wanted to write a story about someone once a friend of mine
but I wanted all the words to rhyme
see she was a poet
or so she claimed
So I felt the pressure
To do the same
Her name was Beth and as we grew
I wrote a book
And she got a tatoo
It was the name of a woman she loved
There were so many names that the image was blurred
And somehow, someway
We couldn’t tell to whom she referred

More and more Marijuana she smoked
Until the day an emergency spoke
“I am in control”
That’s what she said
But like all of us
One day she’ll be dead

Until then as her once friend
Her craziness I can no longer defend
I’ll promote her all day
Not for me, no way

No such person
That’s what she wrote
on a letter of mine
But I can not read it
Cause I’m out on the boat

Beth I hope that in a lifetime you learn
You could be buried or placed in an Urn


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2 responses to “The death of Beth

  1. Joe Rivera

    May 31, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    I always enjoy reading your stories. They’re so down to earth and really convey a sense of humble humanity. I hope you never stop writing about your experiences.

  2. lola

    June 7, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    oh yes then we have beth


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