22 May

What are these skeletons that everyone is so busy hiding and hiding from? Politicians have them, great musicians have them, and even Hitler had skeletons. The reality is that we all have them. Every single one of us has skeletons. Yes, in part I’m talking about your bone structure. This skeleton that I speak of is the “bones” of where you once were before you became who you are. Let’s dig.
I found the original hard copy of “Hardwired” and as I read the first ten pages I had to chuckle. The original version was written in 2006 and to be quite honest I thought that was it. This “skeleton” version of the book was raw. It was the bare bones of the great work that was to come.
Our lives are much the same. We start out with a bare structure of who we are. We learn from the things we do and as for me, I tend to learn more from the mistakes that I make. It is then that I begin to shave off behavior that hurts me or others. It is then that I am focused on change. The change required to make a positive impact rather than becoming an energy thief. What I give the world; I get back exactly the same. Every word I put out comes back. Every thought manifests. And every action of course we all know this, has a reaction, which brings us full circle again. Every word I put out comes back. Now I say that just one day after posting “The death of Beth” and it may seem hypocritical, but as I said before, I learn more from my mistakes. That is what I get to show by sharing old writings. I can show what I was thinking, how I have been progressing, and where I come from.
As a writer I have the advantage to be able to look back and visit with the old me. For those that don’t write, there is other evidence. Our lives are the canvas upon which we begin to show our inner thoughts and growth. We draw upon it daily as we state our expectations and speak our desires.
What does any of this have to do with skeletons? This canvas is our skeleton. I can understand wanting to hide some things, but you can’t. It’s on the canvas. It shows up in smaller details maybe, but it is there. Its part of who we were before our words and thoughts began to create the picture before us today.
So the next time you get to hear about the skeletons in the closet, remember your own and celebrate that you are no longer bones. You are closer to being whole, again.

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One response to “Skeletons

  1. Maria

    July 10, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Yes, we all have skeletons but I do not feel we have to let them define who we are. More often than not I feel we need to take the good and leave the bad where it belongs…BEHIND us. How can we move forward if we hold on to things? Good blog 🙂


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