The NPR Story Corps Interview with Lola

31 Jan

Lola and I had the great opportunity to talk for 40 minutes on Story Corps. It was awesome. They invite you into this Airstream trailer and place you into close proximity to one another. Lola and I got deep, in each others face and REAL.

It was kind of difficult to talk at first, but once we got going, once we got truthful and once we unmasked, we got to be who we we really are and say what we really think.

One of the highest experiences I have ever had.

I definitely recommend it.

To record this and know that it will forever be archived in the Library of Congress.

In one hundred years people who never knew us will have the opportunity to hear what we learned and where we were.

Can you imagine having the same chance in 1914?

Press play to hear the interview

Story Corps

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One response to “The NPR Story Corps Interview with Lola

  1. Dolores Gusman

    February 2, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    Mona, and Lola, God Bless you in this journey of healing. I laughed, smiled and cried at I recall My Tia and you all coming up. Yes, one can forgive, love and find peace after all the confusion.
    I love you all dearly. Looking forward to the sister reuniting and seeing your Mami our Tia and saying my farewell to her. She was and is something else but in all of her there is lots of love too.


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