Half Breed

04 Apr

From my dream journal titled: THE HALF BREED

April 4, 1992

Green dreams. The only color I have ever recalled clearly and repetitively in my dreams has been green.  This dream falls under that category.

The dream began in a storm at night. The rain was coming down pretty hard. I was worried about my brakes so I asked someone to please watch me drive away. I wanted him to flag me down if he didn’t see my brake lights come on. I could see the stranger whom I asked to warn me in my rear view mirror. He was waving his arms over his head trying to flag me down. I drove away without acknowledging him. Then suddenly there was someone in the passenger seat. No one I knew, but I wasn’t uncomfortable either. The further down the road I got, the darker it became. The rain seemed to be slowing down, but that was because I was covered under a canopy of trees. They hung over the dirt path and the only visible light was that of the dim headlights of my Volkswagon Bug.

The car began to sputter and I realized that if the car stalled out I would have to get out and walk for help. I was surrounded in jungle. In fear of having to walk I revved up the engine to try and keep it going. This worked for a while as I began to notice that there were no other cars. There weren’t any behind me and there were certainly none coming from the direction in which I was traveling.

I could hardly see a thing as my car stalled and the lights dimmed even more. My attention was drawn to a light in the distance and so I went ahead and let the car stall out as I couldn’t keep it going much further. My passenger and I got out of the car and made our way toward the light.

The pathway had shrunk and there was only room to walk it so I couldn’t have gotten my car past here if I tried. There were fallen trees that lay across the path. I had to climb over them in order to pass. I could hear the familiar sounds of the wild. Bird calls, monkeys screeching and wolves howling. There were large snakes wound around the fallen tree that I had to straddle in order to pass. I wasn’t fearful though. I would sneak by the snake because I didn’t want to scare him and cause him to scatter. I wanted to leave him in his peace. Smaller life forms were scattering as I stepped on twigs and dry leaves.  I laughed out loud and the huge snake slithered away. I couldn’t believe that these human devouring beasts had no interest in harming me.

The path ended and I found a clearing from where the light was shining. My passenger was no longer with me. I made my way to the center of the clearing and I couldn’t quite make out what I was seeing. It looked like a throne. There was something sitting on the throne. It was a creature of sorts. It had human characteristics, like it had two arms, two legs, a nose, a mouth and two eyes. As I approached he spoke to me. He spoke English and I assumed by the voice that it was a male. He was bright green and bald. He had different colored, horizontal stripes  around his head that were about four inches wide.

“What are you?” I asked him.

“I am half human and half Zori. I am from the depths of your imagination. By the way, I could use some work.”

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One response to “Half Breed

  1. Maria

    April 10, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    Very trippy. Sounds like a clear message was being sent to you.


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