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The Doggie and the Boar

There was once a little doggie, a mutt who resembled the Jack Russell Terrier in markings as well as personality.

Now doggie had a master that loved him. Doggie was like a son to his master. Even though doggie was damaged goods due to neglect and abuse, his master accepted doggie just the way he was.

Doggie’s main obstacle was that he loved to fight wild boar. He thought it made him feel like a hunter and a provider. Due to the nature of the boar and doggie’s size, the boar always got the best of doggie. Doggie would return injured physically and mentally. Doggie’s master would nurse him back to health each time.

Finally doggie’s master began to restrain his furry friend. Doggie hated this because he wanted to fight the boar. It didn’t matter where his master took him, doggie would always find a boar. So now his master never let him out of his sight in fear that one day the boar would kill his best friend in life.

Doggie began to act out by scratching at his masters legs and arms. Even drawing blood at times in an attempt to get out and fight the boar. When his request went ignored by his master he escalated the behavior to biting his master and howling at the door constantly. Doggie would cry and wail for hours.

One day the master thought about his options. He was sure that if he opened that door, doggie would surely give his life to the boar and the boar would gladly take it. The master didn’t want to give up on his friend but he realized that his friend was a hostage. The master contemplated his choices as he grappled with things like morality and responsibility. Why didn’t doggie find enough happiness having a friend or being comfortable and safe? His master churned over and over again as to how to keep his friend and let his friend be happy.

So the master opened the door.

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