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Media Release for Hardwired

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What melts the hardwire?

We all watched in horror as the twin towers collapsed before our very eyes. How could this happen? The towers were steel framed and what could melt the hardwire of this ginormous structure?

Well, we know that a couple of planes hit the towers. Which then doused the buildings with explosive jet fuel and while there are conspiracy theories by the dozens about that whole scene, the fact is that the steel melted.

This is the premise of my book.

What could be so warm? What could be so powerful? What could make the whole world watch?

You will have to read the book to hear the answer, although I think you already know..

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About the Book “HARDWIRED”

A view into the raw living that occurs daily in households across the planet is displayed in this personal memoir of an abuse survivor who is determined to collect the data required to sort out reality, survive and most importantly tread the thin lined edge of life that forces you to choose between following the blueprint set before you or to draw a new one.

Forty years after the storm of a dysfunctional family life, the victim finds herself in the position of full-time caretaker to her abuser. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the victim, armed with vengeance has the power to pay forward all the evil that was due in order to level the playing field. Not just for herself, but for her siblings and others who suffered at the hands of her sadistically, mentally ill mother.

How do you decide between revenge and forgiveness? What is the determining factor?

It is human nature to avenge. I’m hardwired that way.

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