I’m not joining you on that Unicycle

02 Dec

Last night I had a dream that I was riding a unicycle with my mother. Now everyone knows that my mother is reaching the last stages of Alzheimer’s and she cannot hardly walk without assistance much less ride a unicycle.

The unicycle ride was scary and unbalanced, nevertheless I stayed on. The most amazing part of this unicycle was that it’s seat was 100 feet from the ground. I could see for miles and I am very much afraid of heights, but I stayed on.

Finally I fell off of the unicycle and was sure that I would die. I wound up landing on some power lines that caught me and cushioned my fall. I went to the hospital and was surprised that while I was in some pain, I was not seriously hurt.

When I woke up I realized that I had been riding my mother’s one man machine. I was letting her drive me in any direction she chose to go. The hours that she spends crying is getting to me and the verbal abuse was angering me. Anger is not my best suit. It makes me sick and I am aware of it’s affect on the heart.

I realized that I don’t have to get on that unicycle with her anymore. Besides the unicycle was designed for one person.

So today at the first opportunity to let her take me for a ride I decided to say…

“I am not joining you on that Unicycle.”

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One response to “I’m not joining you on that Unicycle

  1. Maria

    December 2, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Amazing dream!! I’m so glad you found a solution in your subconscious!!! You are so strong mom xoxo


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