How does your bowl get filled?

20 Jun

Comic strip “Pickles” June 20, 2012

Early this morning I was awakened by my kitty who was trying to let me know that her food bowl was empty. I had forgotten to fill it last night when I served dinner for my parents, which is when I usually fill her bowl with a quarter cup of dry pellets.
I have been working on training her not to meow the entire time that I am filling the bowl, because in the mornings it tends to wake my parents. As I opened the cabinet where I keep her bag of food I realized that this cat has no idea where the food comes from. I mean she may know that it is in this particular cabinet, but she has no idea how to reach it. This cat has no knowledge that I go to work, earn wages, go to a store and spend some of those wages to purchase a bag of food that was manufactured in a plant that converts god knows what into the delicious little pellets that she so loves.
I wondered if she sat around and wondered where it all comes from or what the process is in order for her to eat. I came to the conclusion that we are in the same position of this kitty without knowledge. We think that because we know where it came from that we know everything that we need to know. We may know where the food comes from and how it’s made, (most of the time), but there are things that are hidden in the cabinet so to speak, that we indulge in, but have no clue how we got it.
An example would be the rapper. Here is a person who has no idea where his/her wealth comes from. They think it comes from rapping, but there are hundreds of thousands of rappers, what makes their rap so special that it over fills the bowl? The basketball player who earns millions of dollars for shooting hoops thinks that he is such a special player that the resource comes from playing. In fact there are hundreds of thousands of players who can play just as well, even better who don’t share the same filling of the bowl experience. Can you say “Jeremy Lin?
Again, the bowl fills, over fills or under fills. This is our perception. We really have no clue what fills it. We come to a conclusion based on exterior manifestations that solidify what we believe.
I was told last night by “Veronique Corbett” author of “A different kind of love” that what we believe is just that, what we believe. What we know, that is what is true.
So I ask you-
How does your bowl get filled? Do you know or do you believe?


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2 responses to “How does your bowl get filled?

  1. Debbie

    June 24, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    I love what you had to say but just my opinion – you kitty knows where her food comes from – YOU and she knows how to get it out of the cabinet, she reaches out to you the only way she knows how – MEOW and I do believe she is saying “I’m hungry would you please open the cabinet door and put food in my bowl please”


  2. Maria

    July 10, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    I believe I Know!!! Lol, j/k I definitely know.


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