Life’s Little Helpings

08 May

We all like to think that we are waiting for that big payday. We are constantly driving for that jackpot. That one big thing that is going to be the pay off for all that we do for the world. We deserve it, don’t we? What is it that we are truly looking for?
This is the very concept under which Ponzi schemers lay the foundation for the big gig rip off. These scammers will offer better returns than any other broker can give. As I watch the news daily, I hear of more people who lost their life savings to the “big pay off” scam. Only once did I hear one of the victims say that they shared responsibility in the disappearance of their nest egg. This guy actually admitted that he wanted more than his helping, more than his neighbor’s helping, more than anyone could achieve.
I guess I can relate in a different way. I’m not a money person, what I mean by that is that money is not a score card that I am using to measure the success of my existence. My score card measures the impact of my existence. How many lives did I touch? How many changes have I made in myself that altered my reality to 7th heaven? Can I be trusted? Will I be there? Am I here?
As the primary caretaker for my mother who has Alzheimer’s I have learned that the best pay off in life are the little helpings. You can’t surf a wave all day, it lasts just seconds. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful helping. The first glance of the love of your life, it’s one moment and yet still an awesome helping. The last dance at the greatest party you ever attended is a couple of minutes long and still a nice helping. An orgasm last just seconds, a wonderful helping.
Give us this day our daily bread. Not weekly, not monthly and not more than anyone. I know when I’m being rewarded here on earth. The helpings come whether I see them or not. Helpings are equally distributed among man and animal.
The little helpings are just a sampling for what we will be capable of handling later. It’s also a true measure of my presence.

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