Auto Zone

26 Apr

Where is it that we go when we go into the “Auto Zone?” You know the place where we go when we have done something on auto. For example, you leave the house and get a mile away, and then it hits you like a lightning bolt. Did I close the garage door? You turn the car around and go back to find that the door was tightly shut. So my question is this. Who was driving the car in reverse while I was closing the garage door?
People say well, maybe you did it and forgot but my argument is that if we forgot, then why can’t we remember? My theory says that we went into the “Auto Zone.”
Let me explain more. This week the hook on my blow-dryer at work broke. Now I have hung that dryer from that hook for approximately 5 months. The very first customer that I serviced after the hook broke watched me attempt to hang that blow dryer at least three times in course of his haircut. We laughed at how automatic it was for me to do so. This is the zone.
The best way to relate to this is when you pass your exit by a few miles before you realize that you have gone too far. They say it’s because we are so lost in thought that we missed our exit. Again I ask who was in charge of the car when I was lost. What part of me is able to handle the task of aligning the car in its lane and watch for other traffic? Could it be the same one that keeps me breathing, my heart beating and my kidneys cleaning when I don’t think about it?
According to Hypnotist Carl Allen Schoner our subconscious is driving. Not just when we wonder off but all of the time. Driving, like walking or riding a bike becomes a subconscious function so that our conscious is freed up for bigger tasks which is why we come up with so many good ideas when we are driving.
So the next time you go into your Auto Zone know that you are perfectly safe with your subconscious leading you when you are busy elsewhere.
It’s how we are hardwired.

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