21 Apr

I was listening to some office drama. You know the usual scene where someone helps you with something and then when you have the chance to help them and you tell them hell no. My sister asked me why people do that, and while it was quite easy to answer, I had to really peel back my judgment sensor and dig deep. Why would anyone do that? My only answer was because they forgot. They forgot who they were and who the people around them were.
We are so busy with our everyday lives that we tend to forget how much we love each other. We forget to honor one another. We have our i-pads, i-pods, IUD’s, ikea, and our imdb’s. We don’t need anything. We report to the IRS. We fight the IRA. We watch “I am legend”, “i- Robot” and” We are Marshal.” How are we expected to know who we are if we keep using “I” in front of words that we are not?
If I learned anything at all from the “course in miracles,” it was to be careful of what you direct “I am” to. We behave in certain ways and say “I am” that way. I am rich, or I am poor, or I am sick. Get a grip on this casual usage because it will cause you to forget.
My point is that we need to take the “I” out of the places that it doesn’t belong. Then we need to be careful to make sure we do place “I” with words that compliment us and those around us. We can never forget who we are. Most important we can never forget to honor everyone, including ourselves.
So if you find yourself suffering from this eye disease, the cure is easy. Just remember who you really are. Don’t ever forget to honor others as they are you, living a different experience.

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One response to “Eye,Eye,Eye

  1. lola

    May 1, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    people can be so mean and selfish i will never get it i really think there are more good people than bad


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