Dreaming of Paradise in 1992

24 Mar

This is a color dream.

I was dreaming that I was in a house that was not familiar to me. Inside the house was dingy, dark and was decorated generously with wood. The wooden floors and stairs would creak when you walked on them. There was a final set of stairs that led to the top floor of the house. I had not seen this floor and I was told that no one has or should ever enter the highest level of this house.

I hung around the house, with my curiosity of the top floor. I really wanted to see what was up there. I took advantage of a moment when no one was around. I crept up the rickety stairs that spiraled as you climbed them. I was anxious to see this mysterious room. When I reached the top of the stairs I was surprised to find that the door to this attic room was ajar. I couldn’t believe that there was no safety measure to keep anyone from a room that no one was allowed to enter.

I opened the door slightly to look in. The room was bursting with light. There were windows all over, letting in the bright rays of the sun. I noticed an old wooden box on the floor that seemed like it was dilapidated and falling apart, even though it was tightly locked. I had heard of this box along with the warning to never enter this room. This box was never to be touched. It belonged to a man who was dead. He had built the box and nobody was to disturb it. Of course, I was already in the forbidden room. What difference would it make at this point to touch the box? I picked up the box to get a good look at it and maybe shake it when the box fell apart. I was nervous about it, but I tossed the pieces of box that were left in my hand because I was drawn in by a glass door that led out of the little attic space.  I got to the door, which was also ajar and I opened it completely. I walked out onto a large white patio deck which had an overhang held up by large white columns that reminded me of Greek architecture.  The patio had stairs that led down to a large body of water, like an ocean. The water was a blue-green combination that I had never seen nor could describe. It was so spectacular that I had to stand there for a while to take it in. In the distance I could see the skyline of a downtown of sorts. I remember thinking

“This must be Brazil.”

I sat at the bottom of the stairs to soak my feet in this magnificent ocean. I wanted to watch the sunset from here. I decided that I should share this moment with someone. It was selfish of me to keep this all to myself. I ran down the stairs to find someone to come back up with me and see this marvel. I ran across a strange woman, whom I did not know, and asked her to join me, worried that she might hesitate due to the strict warnings about the attic. She agreed to join me.

When I returned with the woman I led her by the hand to the patio to see this view of paradise, but the water had turned murky and dirty. The sun was not shining.

I told her to sit on the stairs and wait with me because she too would see the beauty that I witnessed just a moment ago.

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One response to “Dreaming of Paradise in 1992

  1. lola

    March 30, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    my dreams would put you to sleep


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