A Dream in March

21 Mar

March, 1992

Green dreams. The only color I have ever recalled clearly and repetitively in my dreams has been green.  This dream falls under that category.


I dreamed that I had been ironing clothes for what seemed an eternity. The items that I had ironed were on a long rack that went on forever and ever. An old man came to me and began to complain about the work that I was doing. He was not satisfied with it. Apparently he was my boss. I got angry and told him to pay me what he owed me and cram the rest up his ass.

As payment he handed me a set of keys and pointed toward a large parking lot. I had to look for the car myself. I took his keys and headed for the lot. I tried door after door in an attempt to unlock my treasure for working so hard. I looked up and noticed that an interstate overpass was just above me. I figured that I could make my way up to it. I could perhaps catch a bus out of there. Traffic was busy and bustling. I couldn’t get the bus’ attention. A man stopped his car, got out and stopped the traffic so that I could catch the bus.

The bus door opened and the driver was Billy Crystal. Next to the bus was a tractor-trailer with a plain white trailer attached. A bright green spot on the trailer began to appear and as it grew it began to morph into a face. It oozed and dripped even after taking the form of the face. I got closer to take a look. I wondered if the brilliant green stuff could have been radioactive. The lips of the face started moving and it sounded like it was trying out different languages in order to communicate with me.

It spoke Spanish and then it finally asked me “Do you speak English?”

“Yes!” I answered

“That’s it. Now that you have seen me, you will see all things brighter.” It said to me as it closed it’s eyes to conclude our communication.

I doubted the green blob and looked around me. Everything was exploding in brilliant color. The cars were beautiful. The earth was beautiful. The trees were the greenest green I had ever seen before in my life. The buds on the flowers were promising colors that I could never describe.

I decided to walk home.

I woke up and made some coffee. While I waited for the coffee to brew, I opened the front door and the sun’s rays came directly in the door. I couldn’t help myself. I pulled up a lawn chair and sipped my coffee on the first warm day in months

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  1. Lesley Belling

    March 26, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Great write up A Dream in March ramonapedron. I have not thought of this particular before. It is a wonder what you can discover online.


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