How did I ever get here?

08 Mar

As I approach the ripe age of fifty I find myself questioning everything. How did things turn out this way? How could I have known that the tiniest twist in the road would have brought me to where I am now? What have I accomplished in my fifty years? What’s left now? These are the questions that query me on those late nights that I can’t sleep or on the days that I just can’t put anything together.
What I find more times than not is that the questions themselves are the blank canvas of things that could be.
Just because things didn’t turn out the way that I may have once upon a time dreamed of doesn’t mean that they never will. The more I look back the more I see the distractions and obstacles that slowed down the stream of energy that I was committing to the visions I was having about a superior life. By a superior life I mean a life in which there are no regrets. A life which feels fulfilled and yet continues to find new resources for enrichment. This is where I want to be. The new vision. The new dream.
As long as I stay focused, I am unstoppable. As are the dreams that I have.

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